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writing challenge 200 words. The Day she went out in the woods.


One wet, snowy and gloomy day. Adele was visiting her family at their cottage in the woods. Adele saw something moving amongst the lake from her window.Ā  Adele was frightened for what she saw. She definitely knew that she saw something. Adele knew that it wasn’t her head messing with her. At once there was a BANG! It sounded like it had jump into the lake. Adele was really scared and didn’t know what to do. She wanted to go outside, she knew that it would be safer to stay inside where nothing can come in and harm her. Yet, Adele knew it wouldn’t be the greatest idea to go outside but she knew that if she saw what the sound that came from outside she would feel a lot better.The only thing that Adele didn’t think about was what if the thing was deadly or wanted to eat her. ThenĀ there would be no turning back. Adele started to look for the thing she saw. At once the thing looked her straight in the eye and dashed away in the distance. Before you could blinked Adele ran straight after it into the woods. With only a torch and pyjamas on AdeleĀ  started heading home therefore she was cold. As soon as Adele got home she printed the photo of the thing she saw. and from then on whenever she had to do a talk at school she would always talk about what she saw the day she went out in the woods.


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