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Online learning


This is the last day of online learning and here is what I thought about it. What I thought rocked about this week was that I got to wake up really late and also go to bed later because then I could just quickly get ready and meet my class on the group chat. What […]

online journal blog – day two


day two – this is the third day we have been in lockdown and the second day of home schooling. it is also one day closer to my birthday which we might be in lockdown for. It has been a bit boring. yesterday was the coldest day in 30 years in Adelaide (It was about […]

My Online journal


Day One – today is the second day Adelaide has been in lockdown. The lockdown will go for a week (the day before my birthday🥳) but we might have to stay at home for longer if things don’t go well. That means I will be having a quiet birthday at home🙁.  Today we started online […]

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